No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth! Just to another state! LOL

Well, lots of craziness has been going on the last six months!

to make it short….my sweet husband has been semi-retired since last June.  My oldest daughter had our first grandbaby on Sept 5th!  It’s a boy!!  He’s absolutely adorable and so very happy all the time!

we moved from Illinois to Michigan at the beginning of November.  Totally not planned!  We’ve had our cabin up here for almost 5 years and stumbled upon our forever home when we were headed back from a day of fly fishing last October.

We’re pretty settled in now, only two more moving boxes and we’re done.  🙂

my husband’s sweet 86 yr old father passed away on January 9th.  We were in WI for a week.  

So, back to quilting, the reason I started this blog!

i now have an amazing quilt space, so big I may actually call it a studio,  LOL. its all set up and ready to go, problem I’m having is to get motivated.  This has been one helluva a cold and snowy winter!  Already had over 80 inches of snow.  Normal amount is 70 inches for the entire season.

The I have started working on my Hex On The beach quilt.  I actually have all the rows basted.  Just have to attach the last 3 rows and I’m done!

I’ll post pics in a day or two of my quilt room, grandson, etc.  🙂

just wanted to say hi again!  think I’m ready to jump back into the quilting world again!




About redcabinquilter

I currently live in Newaygo, MI with my wonderful husband and two furry boys. Quilting is my passion in life (along with my hubby) :)
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