My name is Patti, I’m a fabriholic!

Ok, so I’ve been in a funk the last couple days. Combination of blahs from winter and not sleeping well? Who knows?

Yesterday I decided that it was time to go down to my stash/sewing room and re organize. I didn’t realize how much new fabric that I’ve acquired in the last year, good Gods!

I used to buy yardage of all these multicolor fabrics and then would never have a tone on tone type fabric to go with it. So….I decided to start buying them online. Well, as you will see, I certainly won’t be having that problem anymore!!

Deep breath, here goes….I’m going to post pics of my stash and UFOs.

Stash 1

Stash 2

Stash 3

Stash 4

Whew, I feel better! LOL

I also dug in and actually wrote down every project I had fabric and a pattern for, ready for the ridiculous number? 43! Yes, that’s right, 43 UFOs!!! For the love of God!

I have now made a pact with myself to start finishing them and NOT buying any more new fabric….I’m also enough of a realist that I’m going to try and finish 5 projects before I let myself buy any new fabric! I can’t commit to saying I won’t buy anymore until all my UFOs are gone! That would be darn near impossible.

I think I’ve also been feeling overwhelmed knowing all that fabric was down there. I have been making quilts fairly quickly. I finished 3 last month. Most of the projects are fairly small, thank goodness!

So, anyone else out there have these problems? πŸ™‚

I’m off to my sewing room! Gotta get cracking on those UFOS!

I did manage to get up to row 18 of my Hexie quilt done since Sunday.

Hex on the beach progress


About redcabinquilter

I currently live in Newaygo, MI with my wonderful husband and two furry boys. Quilting is my passion in life (along with my hubby) :)
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3 Responses to My name is Patti, I’m a fabriholic!

  1. lalinsocal says:

    Oh my goodness! I laughed out loud when I saw your stash πŸ˜‰ I’ve had to put the brakes on too, so many gorgeous fabrics and great ideas out there! Just not enough time in the day πŸ˜‰ should we discuss quilting/crafting/sewing books next?

  2. LOL Oh good Lord no! 2 full bookcases and more laying everywhere!

  3. I swear I commented on this..but it seems to have vanished! I can’t believe how MUCH you have!!! That is insanity! But also realy neat. Great job getting it organized!

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